Saturday, 1 December 2012

How To Appeal & How To Beat Atos & The D.W.P.

We have recently noticed that 1000s of people have viewed the 'How To Appeal' pages on our website and that the number has been greatly increasing in recent months.

We just want to emphasise that it best to appeal with the help of an advice centre as this will greatly increase your chances of winning.  If you are in Glasgow or Edinburgh (and co-incidently Leeds as well) we can suggest places for you to go for for help.

We know that some people are too ill to do this, but we suggest you get collectively involved in fighting benefit cuts until the whole system is scrapped and replaced with a way of doing things that is based on genuinely meeting peoples' needs.  You may win your appeal as an individual, but you could be re-assessed every 6 months under the current system.  We have suggested finding other people in your area to fight benefit cuts by posting on the Black Triangle and Disabled People Against Cuts Facebook Pages (plus try the Atos Miracles Facebook Page for help and advice).  A selected list of groups fighting benefit cuts has also been produced in the last few weeks:

At least they should be able to tell you of a good advice centre to go to.


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