Friday, 22 March 2013

Boycott Workfare @ Poundland Glasgow Saturday 23rd March 11am

 Superdrug have pulled out of Workfare, so we will be picketing Poundland's largest city centre store instead: 167-201, Argyle St, G2 8BU

Despite being the focus of a court judgement, which ruled Workfare regulations unlawful, Poundland continue to use unpaid labour.

It's good for the bosses and their profits.

But bad for unemployed people on the Scheme who don't get paid.

It's bad for all workers - replacing paid jobs, holiday pay & ending temporary posts.

Workfare is an attack on us all!

Like many chain stores, Poundland, have been given a massive public subsidy, in the form of unemployed people working for nothing but their benefits on a Workfare Scheme. Poundland have 'Work Experience' placements across 71 of their stores. 80% do not even get offered any kind of job with Poundland. Poundland's profits rose by 27% in the last financial year. They can afford to pay and keep on all their staff.

This Scheme is not only an attack on the unemployed - Poundland claim that their 'Work Experience' scheme is completely voluntary, but it involves Job Centre Plus, so those taking part can still have their benefits cut if they do not comply. The degree to which the scheme is genuinely voluntary is disputed as there are countless reports of lies and intimidation to get jobseekers to participate and after one week the scheme becomes mandatory. Dropping out of a 'Work Experience' placement can lead to being put on other schemes like Mandatory Work Activity. 'Work Experience' mostly involves stacking shelves for up to 30 hours a week for 8 weeks.

It is also a direct attack on Poundland’s workers and other workers - replacing paid jobs, holiday pay & ending temporary posts for students and others who rely on this type of work. We have heard complaints from Poundland staff who have had their hours cut, because of Workfare.

The same number of people will be doing the same amount of work – but thanks to Workfare, Poundland can replace paid workers with unpaid ones. Once again, the lies of the Government and businesses, claiming that Workfare is a way to help people back into work, are exposed. The exact opposite is true - Workfare is a job destruction scheme.

The best way to end the iniquity of Workfare is to directly affect the profits of the companies exploiting it - we have shown that this works with other companies such as Holland & Barrett and Superdrug. Join us doing the same to Poundland! Until Poundland gives in, help us in fighting this attack on all workers’ terms and conditions - Don't Shop At Poundland.

Tell them you won't be shopping at their stores again until they publicly withdraw from all Workfare Schemes:

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