Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Superdrug have pulled out of workfare

From their Facebook page:
"We have received a number of posts from customers asking about our policy in terms of work experience placements.

Superdrug believes in supporting those interested in getting a start in a career in retail, supporting the community and creating jobs, since starting to offer voluntary work experience placements over 500 people have gained permanent employment in our business after completing a placement.

We listen very carefully to our customers’ feedback and to be honest the response we have had has been mixed. Some customers were concerned about the programme, while others thought it was a good way to give young people a chance to gain some work experience.

After careful consideration we have decided to withdraw from the voluntary work experience schemes we currently support. We still believe gaining work experience is crucial in getting people into the work place and so at this time have decided to concentrate on our School Leavers’ Apprenticeship programme."


It has been easier to edit the leaflet to include details about Poundland as there is lots of information about their involvement with workfare and nice graphics to use for the leaflet and placards rather than Burtons or other Workfare companies, so if there are no objections we should picket them instead:

Poundland largest city centre store:
167-201, Argyle St, G2 8BU

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